What Everyone Does on A Film Set?

High school is one of the best parts of school life. It is when you can get to meet new friends, and form a strong connection with them even after graduation, the start of unrequited romantic crushes, parental pressure, participate in both academic and sporting events, and the list goes on. Also, it is when you have to make one of the most critical decisions of your life, and that is choosing the college course that you want to take up.

A lot of people are taking the film and media communications course because of the career prospects it offers. Once you’ve earned your degree, you can work in advertising, business, media, journalism and government. If you want to work in the film industry, here are some of the things you will encounter.

Make Friends with Everyone

Always be friendly. If you’re working in a film or video production, you will be meeting different kinds of people. Be nice particularly to your leaders. Know the chain of command, and find time to get to know the persons from each department.

Moreover, you will be working with them for a time, and you don’t have a choice but to deal with and be nice to them. If you have issues, talk to them in private. Avoid engaging in gossip and controversy. Don’t forget to try to lighten things up by making other production members laugh during takes, too.

Film and Video Tools

If you will be working in the media, you have to know how each film and video tool works. If you’re a director, you need to have a director’s viewfinder, DSLR and storyboards. Also, take advantage of the software that can help make your job a lot easier. And make sure to have fun with the machinery you have just like everyone else.

Location Shoot

A location shoot is an essential part of a film and video production. If you’re from Australia, you have to check studio hire Melbourne. They are accessible and easy to hire should you need a location for your film or video set. If you ever get tired, take a short break at the location shoot. It’s normal for film people to feel that way especially if it’s a whole day work. Grab a pillow and lie for at least 15 to 30 minutes. It will help you feel better and more productive on your next film or video scene.


Know the people in your team, and the roles they’re playing. When you’re on a film set, you will work with the director which consists of 1st assistant director, 2nd assistant director and director assistant/s, camera, electric and props crew, etc. Each plays a crucial responsibility to make every shooting day successful and light for everyone.

Know Your Actors

One of the best ways to make a shoot success is to get to know your actors, especially if you’re a director. Spend time to know them weeks before the cameras start rolling. Also, see to it that they will attend workshops to help them give justice to the characters/roles assigned to them.

Being on a film set can be tiring just like any other job, but the experience and bond with your co-workers, are priceless. Do your best, and have fun.

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