The fundamental safety triangle for boats – an overview

Travelling in waters is probably one of the best ways to calm your mind. In fact, diving has been acclaimed to be in par with meditation via some research findings. But the negative side of this is the inevitable risk of sinking, or drowning and worse, being abandoned in the middle of nowhere… and unfortunately, this list goes on.

This is why the experts in aquatic travel has developed a safety triangle where the idea is that, if one side is missing, the safety is breached. Although there are multiple other areas that one needs to be careful on, it is essentials that you have these on board in every single trip that you take to the waters.

This is all about the aquatic safety triangle that must be strong all the time.

  • Visual and audio signaling devices

In every single disaster movie that has ever been made, there always is the problem of lacking enough signaling devices. Hence, not learning from these on-screen mistakes is a treasure that you should not miss. There are two main types; visual and auditory. The visual ones include both lights and the fireworks-like items whereas auditory ones carry the radio signaling and also loud noise-making devices; it is that simple.

  • Battery jump starters/ extra batteries

Boats are powers by all wind, gasoline and clericity. For the sake of the reviewing, let us take a look at the ones that run by electricity; that means, the batteries. It doesn’t matter how certain you are that your batteries are fully charged, disregarding the slightest possibility for a total malfunction is a deadly assumption to make. After all, you yourself would be able to recall the number of times you had to jumpstart a ‘charged’ battery with all you might. On the flip side, energy sources do run out being in the middle of nowhere, in a night would be the last thing that anyone would ever want. This is why having invested in a noco charger is the wisest thing to do.

This brand has performed so well in the history of bringing back dead boats to lives so much that it has made it to the safety triangle in aquatic travels. The problem here is that, a lot of people ignoring all the possibilities for things to go south, or going for products with no brand, no history and no reliability at all. If you could use a product like this for a long time, with warranty, isn’t it a long-term investment that would probably save your life and the lives of your loved ones?

  • Personal floating devices

The concept of personal floating devices or the PFDs has become one of the cheapest and mandatory requirements in aquatic travels. But you may not know that there are generally 5 types based on the nature of their fit, that you should choose carefully. Because if you checked with your life insurance on accidents on waters, the statements are quite tight and specific.

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