The Bride’s Market at Twilight
is a wonderful new boutique bridal fair situated in the charming Courtyard on Douglas in Milton, Brisbane.

Our aim is to bring together the best wedding vendors in our region, while also providing an affordable entry level wedding event for new bridal businesses that is supported by an amazing Online Directory and a strong social media presence.


Our fabulous twice yearly bridal fair has a relaxed Market vibe, where couples can grab sumptuous treats while chatting to super friendly local vendors.  As we are growing in popularity TBM @ Twilight is sure to draw bigger and bigger crowds to each subsequent event.  

Beautiful lighting will become more evident as the sun starts to fade, while musicians set the atmosphere, helping couples to really envisage the possibilities for their own special day.

With two successful events already under our belts we are now looking forward to the future and how we can best cater, not only to the needs and desires of our visiting couples but also to those of our wonderful local vendors.  

Our stunning venue limits the number of vendors we can accommodate at each event to around 45 thus creating a really pleasant experience for couples and vendors alike.  

TBM aims to support our vendors by limiting similar vendor categories at each event.  This ensures there is enough diversity for our couples to feel they are seeing a great variety of services  but not a multitude of one service in particular.

If you are looking for a creative new way to reach your ideal client, in a very relaxed environment, complete the Vendors Enquiry form below and Download your Media Kit!

“ What a wonderful bunch of people!
I’m so lucky to have stumbled across the The Brides Market.
Beautifully talented , professional and down to earth, couldn’t ask for any more.."
Jennifer Carlson Hair and Makeup  

"I met Jen two years ago when my business was still a baby. I walked into the Woollongabba store with some samples on a whim and a bundle of nerves.  Jen welcomed me with open arms and heart and I joined The Brides Market family on the spot. I attribute most of my success to the wonderful community she has created and to her loving and generous spirit. I can only highly recommend this community to my fellow wedding business owners."
Tash Lewin - Gold Wedding Hire

I love being a part of The Brides Market. Jennifer always goes out of her way to make our business feel Oh so Special.
No other business has done for us what The Brides Market has, always sharing our products and arranging our wedding cake work shop..... Jen even organised a string Quartet to play for the event!
Couldn't be happier, thank you for your continuing support!
Bree Dittrich - The Cake That Ate Paris

The Brides Market has been instrumental in building our brand over the last three years. I truly believe in the TBM concept and adore being part of such a talented community/family that Jen has established.
Kelly Laurence - Bella Bloom Floral Designs

The Brides Market community feels like family, stacked with amazingly talented like-minded people who have been pulled together by the incredibly generous and totally creative spirit, Jen. 
Jen’s advice and optimism together with TBM platform has helped us grow our business right from day dot. We have so much love for TBM!! 
Erin & Elli - August and Lucy

"Your promotion of the event was quite clearly spot on!! The demographic of the people coming through were exactly the type of clients we would love to book for weddings! Thank you for putting together a great marketing campaign.  Thank you Jen for all of the effort you put into these events - it really pays off every time!!"

It has truly been a dream to know and work with Jenny from TBM! She's dedicated to nurturing fresh talent and positive relationships between industry professionals in general. The Bride's Market has given my business a much appreciated leg up and introduced me to a community of talented local vendors and just plain wonderful people.
Amy Cooper-Wilson - The Wondery 


The Event had a "great atmosphere and a genuine interest from brides who attended, great mix of vendors and community feel.
I just generally love everything about TBM !! Cant wait for the next event!"
Hannah Tilakumara - HT Events


"The night was beautiful, the venue and set up gave off the right vibe and attracted the right kind of couples for my business!" 
I would definitely recommend The Bride's Market @ Twilight event.
Holly Gardiner - Holly Eloise Cakes

The best part of the event was that "it fits our image - not in a convention centre, warm and welcoming atmosphere and really relaxed."  I think "there was a good mix of vendors, no one was out numbered and there was a nice even balance"
Michelle Ford - Stitch in Time events

"The venue is beautiful and the vendors you work with all seemed to be on the same page in terms of aesthetic and general loveliness! I loved the intimate feel and the fact that even during busier periods it didn't feel as though attendees were rushing through - we had time to chat to them and I think this helps to make the couples feel special." 
Erin Short - Short and Sweet Designs