Jemma and Tom by Lara and Susie Photography

Jemma and Tom are two of the loveliest people you could ever meet - they're radtastic, kind and totally in love with each other. They've known each other since high school - Tom had a massive crush on her in high school but they never hung out then until they met again 3 years ago and since then, they've never been apart. 

The day was not ideal for the ocean side wedding that these two surf-mad kids had planned at Osteria, Casuarina. But Tom and Jemma being the chilled babes that they are, didn't freak out and simply moved their gorgeous floral arbour undercover and kept on with the show!

And honestly, nothing could have dampened the excitement and love Jemma and Tom have for each other. 


Photography: Lara and Susie Photography (

Hair and Make Up: Maverick Hair and Art Salon (

Venue: Osteria, Casuarina (

Wedding dress: Karen Willis Holmes (

Flowers and Lighting: Elyssium Blooms (