Twilight Vendor Profile - G.U.S

Gentlemen United in Style

A GUS man takes pride in looking good, knows when he does and lets his confidence show. He has a sharp intriguing presence and is someone you want to get to know. Knowledge is important to him and he is aware the correct suit, shirt and tie can be the difference between success and disappointment. He understands the power of his clothing as a reflection of who he is, what he stands for and what he can achieve. He belongs to a select group of Gentlemen United in Style.

When it comes to the Groom’s big day, every effort should be taken to make sure he stands out as well.  We have more than 400 shirt and suit fabrics and designs to choose from. Sit down for a private meeting with one of our Style Consultants who look forward to assisting you in creating unique suit for your special day.

Balin from GUS will be joining us in the Boutique area at the May event and we hope you bring the boys along for a chat and to check out these fantastic and affordable suits.