Twilight Vendor Profile - Coco and Confetti

When we officially launched Coco & Confetti just 18 months ago, we could hardly have foreseen the amazing ride ahead…

 In a nutshell, we deliver planning & coordination, prop hire, styling and floral design services. When we step out of the nutshell, things get a bit more interesting! Yeah, we do the practical stuff like budget spreadsheets and run-sheets, but we also get energised and excited over the creative elements, drawing inspiration from our couples to create unique and memorable events. 

 One day we might find ourselves applying Japanese cloth-dying techniques to create the perfect napkin or table runner, on another we'll be trekking furniture over a marathon distance up a mountain and down onto a beach just to achieve that secluded picnic feel (and we love every minute of it too!).

 Styling & floral design to us is more than just putting "stuff" on a table - it's about creating spaces where every element is allowed to shine, reflecting and exuding our clients' personalities and making them feel incredible. We want our clients to know that we "get them."

 We've worked with truly beautiful people, clients and collaborators alike, and we continue to meet more every day. We can't wait to see where our journey takes us next and we hope to see you along the way. First stop, The Brides Market!