5 Reasons Why Wedding Flowers Cost What They Do

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It’s so easy to get swept up in the romance of choosing beautiful wedding flower arrangements only to be surprised at the often-considerable cost of them. But it’s important to remember that floristry is a complete service and there’s more to it than you might expect. Here are 5 reasons why wedding flowers cost what they do and I also give you a peek at some popular seasonal blooms!

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Not All Flowers Are Created Equal

Like everything we can buy, flowers come in a range of price points. Flowers that are high-end are considerably more expensive, as are flowers that must be imported because they are out of season in Australia.

Because flowers are a natural product, this can result in considerable wastage. Sometimes a florist can receive flowers which aren’t to the usual standard, for example, they could have flower heads much smaller than expected. Your florist prides themselves on doing everything they can to meet your expectations, so they may have to spend more to achieve the desired level of quality in situations like this.

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Flowers Are Ordered In Bulk

Another reason why wedding flowers cost what they do is that florists must place bulk orders. If your wedding bouquet calls for just three calla lilies, the florist may have to order a bunch of 20 or 30 of them. Careful planning with your florist may mean you can use these excess flowers in your other floral arrangements. 

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Time Invested In Planning

Ordering your wedding flowers will involve consultations, phone calls and emails with your florist. Your florist, in turn, will need to source from the best vendors, place orders and then follow up orders to ensure they arrive on time. There could also be other supplies to source for your beautiful arrangements, such as ribbons and vessels for example. Every single step in the planning stage requires a considerable amount of personalised time from your florist.

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Time Invested In Creating Arrangements

Flowers don’t arrive in ready-to-arrange condition. Roses may need to be stripped of thorns, stems need to be cleared of foliage and freshly cut. Delicate flowers may even need to be wired.  Flower arranging is an art-form and it takes time to perfect these beautiful creations. Professional wedding florists spend a lot of time personalising your arrangements to reflect your vision and this is why wedding flowers cost what they do. 

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Maintaining The Flowers

Above all, flowers must be maintained and kept hydrated the entire time they are in the possession of your florist – these gorgeous living things require the utmost care. If flowers are being delivered to the venue they require additional preparation when being transported, not to mention temperature-controlled environments. 

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The Beauty Of Seasonal Blooms

To avoid the expense that comes with importing flowers from overseas, it’s great to be flexible and explore what your florist has access to within Australia. Many flowers are seasonal, so if your favourite is a summer bloom, but you are having a winter wedding, you may need to look at alternatives. Take a look at these gorgeous blooms available seasonally for some inspiration:


Muted hues, delicate blooms or something blue

Blushing Bride


Fresh and pretty colours to enliven a special day

Lilly of the valley
Flannel flower
Narcissus (Jonquils, Daffodils)
Sweet pea


Florals to celebrate the warmth and vitality of summer

Bird of paradise
Calla lily


Vibrant bursts of rich colour and gorgeous natives

Baby’s breath
Billy buttons

It’s time to embrace stunning seasonal blooms!