The Importance of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer for your Big Day

Couples hoping to save on wedding costs often consider having a friend or relative photograph their wedding instead of hiring a professional wedding photographer. But, is this a wise choice? The decision really comes down to one question: do you want the story of your special day perfectly captured for eternity?

Only the unsurpassed commitment, experience and mastery of a professional wedding photographer can achieve this for you. Read on to understand exactly why hiring a professional wedding photographer is so important.


You will have peace of mind.

A professional wedding photographer is contractually obligated to you. Nothing will stand in the way of quality photographs being taken of your wedding. Even if the photographer is ill, they will have a plan in place and a network of professional photographers they can call on. You will be able to trust them to get the job done.

Photo Credit: Florido Weddings


Results matter as much to them, as to you. Wedding photography is a professional service that begins with your initial consultation and continues through to the wedding album that they have designed just for you. Because this is their career they will take your expectations seriously, and will:

  • Be ready at all times. You won’t ever be waiting on them.
  • Carry back up equipment. There won’t be flat batteries, failed memory cards or other mishaps for you to worry about.
  • Be able to organise your family and friends for group shots.
  • Not be afraid of getting in a guest’s way for a few moments to get the perfect angle of you. However, they are also unobtrusive and won’t be seen dashing up the aisle of the church.
  • Be able to assist with situations that don’t go to plan. They understand the nerves and emotions that can arise on a wedding day and can help keep things calm.

Photo Credit: Prue Franzmann


Even raw talent needs to be honed. Keep in mind that a camera is just a tool. It is the person behind the camera that needs to have the skill set and experience to use it well. Even the most advanced camera can’t always read the lighting correctly. A professional wedding photographer will interpret every aspect of the situation and use the camera as a tool for capturing the moment in a quality photograph. This includes selecting the right lens, camera settings and even finding the most flattering angles of the bride and groom.

An essential component of quality photography is consistency. While an amateur photographer may be able to produce the occasional good shot, a professional wedding photographer will meet your expectations every time.

Photo Credit: Soda Photography

The Moments

Capturing moments is what makes a professional wedding photographer so special. They know how to make your photographs tell the story of your wedding. The most significant moments will be planned, like the first kiss or cutting the cake. But a professional wedding photographer is always aware of the more poignant and spontaneous moments as well, like the tear in your dad’s eye. They can capture the mood of your wedding within the photographs so that every time you look at them, you will return to the most special of days.

You’ve no doubt put so much effort into planning this day. I’m sure you want a record of every special detail. Hiring a professional wedding photographer may be one of the most practical aspects of planning your big day, but it’s also one of the most important. 

Photo Credit: Tennille Fink