Why You Should Attend a Wedding Fair

If you’ve been wondering whether you should attend a wedding fair, the simple answer is yes! A wedding fair creates the perfect meeting point of local brides and talented local vendors. Whether you’re a bride, groom or a wedding vendor, we fill you in on the important as well as fun reasons why you should attend.

If You Are A Couple

Couples are usually at a few different stages in the planning process when they attend a wedding fair, ranging from feeling rather overwhelmed to thoroughly organised. It’s important to remember that couples in all stages of planning are welcome. There’s no need to feel pressured because everyone is here to help your wedding dream become reality.

Here are the benefits you can expect from attending:

The Convenience

Planning a wedding is very involved – we’re sure you already know that! A wedding fair takes the hassle out of contacting each type of vendor individually and invites them all to the one place. You can find the entire array here, just for you. It will not only make the planning phase more efficient, but more personal too. This is important because a large part of the success of your wedding will be in the hands of wedding vendors, so you need to connect with them and trust them.

The Treats

Who doesn’t love sampling cake and canapes? If you haven’t had any tastings of cake or food yet for your upcoming nuptials, this is the perfect opportunity. You’ve probably been imagining your wedding food based on images and menus, however this is the chance to make absolutely sure the style of food you choose will work for you.

The Savings

You should attend a wedding fair because it is a smart financial decision. Vendors may offer promotions for booking them at the fair, so this can mean some worthwhile savings for your wedding. Some vendors will organise small gifts for those who make bookings with them on the day and some may even offer prizes. Bridal fairs (generally those which charge an entry fee) may provide a glorious show bag of wedding goodies. Need we say more? 

The Inspiration

Think you’ve seen everything wedding-related? We can assure you that you haven’t, and the best is yet to come as you’ll see by attending a wedding fair. While wedding magazines and blogs are fun to browse, they can’t compare to the visual effects of seeing show cases and displays in person. Inspiration abounds with floristry, make-up artistry, table settings and more.

The Fashion

Oh, the beautiful dresses! You can be assured that wedding gowns and accessories at bridal fairs will be on-trend. You will be able to explore different styles and either come away with your perfect dress, or a good idea of what it will be. You may even be treated to a fashion show.

The Entertainment

Photography presentations, videography shows, lighting displays and music all help to keep a wedding fair’s atmosphere relaxed and fun. Enjoy the excitement, get some expert entertainment advice or choose your vendor.

The Knowledge

Email and phone are great tools, but nothing compares to meeting people face to face. And because you’re in the presence of so many talented wedding suppliers, you will be amazed at the knowledge and expertise on hand to help you plan your big day. Soak up everything you can and you’ll be planning your wedding with ease and confidence.

If You Are A Vendor

A question often asked by wedding vendors is, ‘is a bridal fair really worth the effort?’ Absolutely! This is true for many reasons ranging from the networking opportunities to the vast supply of leads you’ll receive.

On The Spot Bookings

What could be a better opportunity for direct exposure to a 100% targeted audience? Meeting brides and grooms who are ready to decide on their vendors gives you the chance to make solid bookings and on-the-spot sales. 

Generate Leads

There will be couples who aren’t ready to decide that day, but you can take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your products and services to them. This is the time to make a great impression so that couples keep you in mind when it does come time for decision-making.

Create A Database

For after-event marketing purposes, an important tool is a list of newsletter subscribers. Encourage people to sign up while at your stall by having an iPad on hand. This means your database of interested couples will be ready to go at the close of the fair. It’s an amazing opportunity to generate future business from a targeted audience. Meeting them in person means you can also glean some more personal information from them to better relate to them in future and hopefully secure that booking.

Build Your Brand

Visibility is a huge part of a business’s success. Attending a bridal fair gives you exposure to potential clients who may have otherwise passed you by. It will help you create a meaningful awareness for your brand and the potential for business growth.

Product Launch

A bridal fair provides the ideal opportunity to launch a new product or service. Having face-to-face contact with engaged couples means that you can create a real buzz about your new product and get them just as excited as you are.

Receive Positive Feedback

Attending a bridal fair can be a great boost to your motivation and vision for your business. You’ll no doubt receive some wonderful feedback from attendees and other vendors which is not only a confidence boost, but also a reminder of why this is what you do.


Attending a wedding fair is the best opportunity for mingling with like-minded people who are just as passionate about the wedding industry as you. You will meet other leading professionals who can support each other on the day of the fair as well as in the future. Forming good relationships with different types of vendors opens doors for them to recommend you to couples. You may also be happy to refer business to vendors offering a similar service on occasions when you’re fully booked. This not only increases sales and bookings, but also shows your professionalism to happy couples planning their weddings.

Grow The Industry

Although some of the other vendors may be your competitors, a bridal fair is a positive and productive way for each of you to contribute to the success of the industry. After all, the success of your business also depends on the success of the entire wedding industry.


And the final reason why you should attend a wedding fair for the fun, of course! Whether you are a bride, groom or wedding vendor, it’s the most wedding-related fun you can have, aside from the big day! Get swept up in the butterflies of brides-to-be the and sheer romance of creating that most perfect day. 

It’s nearly time! Tickets are available soon for The Bride’s Market Twilight Event on 5 November 2017 in Milton, Brisbane. Here for more details.