Black Jacket Suiting

Not only do we offer an unrivalled in store experience, we are also completely mobile with our unique services. With the ever expanding growth of online consumer consumption we at Black Jacket Suiting realise that it is more efficient for the modern time poor gentleman to do his shopping online. However, the intricacy that a suit requires to fit correctly needs an element of personal touch and expertise. With this in mind we will personally visit and fit you up in your perfect suit at your place of work or residence at a time that suits you (even after hours).

As a final point of difference in order to make things that much easier for our loyal clientele, we keep all your measurements on file with your own personal profile. This allows us to re-order and tailor subsequent purchases with the ability to have your product delivered directly to your door without you having to lift a finger.

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Instagram: @blackjacketsuiting
Phone: 07 3399 7618