Tennille Fink

Hello! I live in Brisbane with my lovely little family. My high school sweetheart, now husband, John… our daughter Isla, and our two cats Ruby (she’s the boss of everyone), and our gentle soul Gus.

I love to travel and in my past life I was a broke backpacker who travelled the world without a care, and have spent time living overseas in Edinburgh, Scotland, have spent Christmas in Sweden, summer in Italy and a couple of months in winter trekking through eastern Europe which I think was my favourite of all. For now though, I’m happily settled in Brisbane, Queensland…. but I still have travel in my blood, and have many more places to explore.

Website: tennillefink.com.au
Email: holla@tennillefink.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/tennillefinkphotography
Instagram: @tenfinkphoto
Phone: 0428 691 981