Whiz Bang Weddings Club

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WHIZ BANG Weddings Club aka Whiz Bang or WB are the new kids in town and they are uber excited to be supported by The Bride's Market! 

Whiz Bang is a hub that hosts both an online meeting place for couples to check out our endorsed talent and actual live events where couples can grab a drink and let our creative celebrants showcase their brand of awesome.

We are happy to announce that WB's first public appearance will be at The Bride's Market Twilight Event. Soon to be followed by WHIZ BANG Weddings Club - Celebrant Speeding Night where, you guessed it, couples can actually hang out and speed date the marriage celebrants whose profiles caught their attention.  

Additional Information
A concept dreamed up one day by working marriage celebrant Alana Salm. WB is all about guiding couples and weddings aficionados through new ways of hooking up without wasting hours searching online and attending countless meetings drinking coffees, blind dating your weekends away with planners, photographers and celebrants etc.

We know you all have better things to be doing. We also know that making a connection with the kind of peeps you want working your wedding still matters.

Alana and her team of planners and web-developers have been spending a bajillion hours making sure that our couples only get to interact with authentic and open personalities. WB is an exclusive club with tough cookie terms and conditions enforceable to all members to make sure what ever dream team a couple books from either the WHIZ BANG site or any of the WHIZ BANG hosted events, they will be getting the real McCoy on their wedding day.