How to Make a Social Media Post Go Viral

As a business owner, social media no doubt means a lot to you as a way to generate leads. Have you ever thought about one of your social media posts going viral? The results would be immense - elevating your brand to new heights and reaching potential clients you have never engaged with before. Of course, you can never guarantee the results of marketing strategies, but there is a lot you can do to give your posts the best chance of going viral.

Read on to find out eight ways you can boost engagement and make a social post go viral:

Be relatable to your audience

It’s important to know your audience and focus on getting your content in front of them. Don’t worry about appealing to everyone; it’s much more important to hone in on your target audience of to-be-weds. If you find most of your enquiries come from the brides, rather than grooms, then find something that really resonates with brides. It’s all about making a connection.

Make a connection

When I talk about making a connection, I mean an emotional one. Emotion is what truly compels people. Build strong emotions like joy, trust, surprise and anticipation into your campaign. When readers connect to these emotions, they will find your message actionable and want to share it with others.

Appeal to the eyes

Posts must have at least one high-quality image and if you really want to go for it, opt for an infographic, because this type of content is shared the most. There are several free online tools for creating social media infographics, like Canva and Venngage. They even provide templates to make it super user-friendly. Videos are also a great way to get noticed and are highly-shared.

Make it sharable

There are two factors in making your content sharable.

The content must be useful enough for people to want to share it. That means it helpfully answers a question they have, offers a new angle on wedding-planning or encourages them to think about something really special they can arrange for their event.

Build sharing into your content. Ask people to share it, and they will follow.

Pay attention to keywords and tags

For your content to appear in search results, it’s important to use keywords in the headline and body text of written content. If you use Twitter, don’t forget those hashtags!

Reach out to influencers

If you manage to get your content in front of powerful influencers, this increases your chances of it being shared, and eventually making your social post go viral. But you should have an ongoing focus on building relationships with influencers. It won’t work to just to reach out with a new piece of content and hope for the best. Share and link to their content over time, mention them in tweets and then reach out. It looks genuine and shows a mutual respect.

Post and share at optimum times

Engage with an event or topic that is gaining momentum. Try tracking trending wedding industry topics on Twitter and create content that relates to it. Aim for positive topics only and inject humour into your post if you can. The highest engagement rates with posts differ between social media platforms. It’s important to do your research and identify the key days and times your audience engages with the platforms you use for your business. Relevance is key here to gaining visibility and making a social media post go viral.

Be unique

Be as innovative as possible with your content ideas, so you are noticed. People love novelty and to find something new that they haven’t seen before. That is what makes them want to share it with everyone they know.

So, remember, think about your audience and appeal to their emotions. Above all, make your content beautiful and visual for the best chance of making a social media post go viral. Happy posting!